Too busy writing to write

I’ve been trying, for the first time in a long, long while to write something that is a little less on the technical side.  That’s right, I’m working on a story.

So I’ll apologise in advance for not sharing very much for a couple of days, while I shift my focus to just a little left of centre and see if I can’t get a story that’s half-decent out and about in the world.

But before I launch head-long into this crazy little experiment, I want to share just one little discovery I’ve made today.

Have you ever wondered why you keep all those old books from school or university?  Now that we have that interweb-thingy do we really need flesh-and-blood, hard-copy tomes on art history, lost animal species or Medieval Europe?  Well, today I helped my son do his homework, and guess what?  He used them.  He picked up my Handbook of Art, and he flicked to the index. He searched (not Googled) for facts on the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, on Michelangelo. He found the page, he worked through the information and he sited the book. He was, simply put, a little bit astonished and a little bit thrilled.

This has made me happy.  Very.