Shady: No Safe Place

As much as I’d like to read all the crime fiction that I receive, sometimes I have to be sensible and hand them to a TBYL Reviewer. This week, Kate Barber had a read of No Safe Place by Jenny Spence (Allen and Unwin).

Take a read of Kate’s review of this suspenseful title from a new Australian author…


Elly Cartwright is an unassuming woman going about her everyday business. That is, of course, until two of her close friends are murdered. With the help of some very  IT-savvy work colleagues she takes it upon herself to try and get to the bottom of why this tragedy has happened, all the while being stalked by the murderer herself.

No safe place“I wake up shivering and for a moment I don’t know where I am. The light comes around the synthetic curtains is all wrong. Everything seems o strange I wonder if I’m still dreaming and I close my eyes again, willing myself back into my own bedroom with my good worn Persian rug, white cotton sheets, and the print of Vermeer’s Seamstress on the wall. But it’s no goo, I’m at Lily’s and though DS Webster isn’t chasing me and there’s no cobblestones oozing blood, Carlos and Mabel are both dead and my life could well be in danger.”

Set in Melbourne, this book has the reader traipsing around familiar territory and quirky Melbourne settings, on to Sydney and back to country Victoria. There’s also a little bit of lust and banter with Mike Lewis, the police Detective who’s following her case. An intricate web of deceit, money laundering, shady contract bids, offshore banking and Ukrainian connections is unravelled by this case of self-made ‘detectives’ and leads to an exciting climax.

Jenny Spence is a Melbourne writer and this is her first novel, leaving lots of scope for further adventures for Elly Cartwright. No Safe Place is certainly fast-paced and leaves you wanting to read on despite the fact the kids are calling and dinner needs to be cooked! At times the writing is a little clumsy “we got our coffee and we drank it” however the details and the quick pace keep the reader interested.

An easy, sit by the pool on holidays read.


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