Picturesque Sydney 360

Before my breast cancer ‘interruption’ I used to travel quite a bit for work. In particular, my job required pretty frequent visits to Sydney.

Of late, I’ve tended to stay a little closer to base, not entirely a bad thing given the amount of things going on at home all the time, but I will admit that I do rather miss the picturesque Sydney sights, and look forward to getting back there in the future.

In the meantime, I’ll be satisfied with Sydney 360, a collection of panoramic photographs by the very talented Con Hionis…

“Come on a whirl-wind tour of a magnificent city, using an extraordinary photographic technique. This stunning collection of cylindrical panoramas cleverly spins the view 360-degrees, showing what’s in front, to the sides and behind all at once. Rarely has Sydney been captured so authentically, and so originally.”

Gorgeously presented (my copy came in a stylish black folder, perfect for gift-giving) this collection of photos of Sydney’s most famous sights is unique and spectacular. The technique used by Hionis really sets this book apart, and took over 12 years to perfect. Each photograph comprises up to 24 images, stitched together to form one panorama.

Spiral Fountain, Con Hionis

Spiral Fountain, Con Hionis

The images are striking and artistic. Con has included urban scenes, works of art and beach-side settings. If I had to choose, my favourite shots it would be of Darling Harbour and Customs House. The beaches look incredibly enticing and the true spirit of the city is captured nicely in his street shots.

Coogi Lifeguard, Con Hionis

Coogi Lifeguard, Con Hionis

This book will have me visiting Sydney with a new eye, I can’t wait to explore some of the new places that this book has introduced me too.

You can find out more about Sydney 360 here…

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