Mind your mindfulness

Last week I made a quick mention of Rumble (Underground) and hopefully you’ve had a minute to pop over and have a listen to the great stories on offer at this great new site.

Excitingly, RumbleU have released a new podcast, once again featuring an individual who is ‘ living life differently.’ In this latest offering, Amanda has a chat to John Williams, the developer of the Mindful Smoking program.

Mindful Smoking is inspired largely by John’s Buddhist learnings and takes a quite different approach to the process of helping people quit smoking (and other habits) on their own terms. John has used his personal journey, his background in Buddhism and the ‘healing arts’ and his versatile communication skills to lead people to their own understanding of smoking and his program presents an interesting alternative to the more didactic, abstanience-based approaches to addiction-breaking. You can download the podcast here…

While you’re there, you might also like to check out last week’s podcasts, particularly the chat with uber-crafter Toula Karayannis. Toula shares her recent yoga experiences, as it’s played a large part in helping her to clarify and slow.

As well as her love for yoga, Toula is passionate about craft and the process of making, and is the founder of KUKcrafters – a group that meets to create together, talk together and learn from each other. I found it really interesting to hear her talk about the recapturing of the village tradition – friends gathering together to create wonderful items, individuals supporting each other and producing artworks which have since become ‘touchstones’ for their children and grandchildren. KUKcrafters has taken this traditional idea, and allowed the individuals involved to make of it what they will. You can download the podcast here...

Both these podcasts present some quite unique and interesting ideas, Toula and John are both very well considered in how they see the world and move within it. Well worth a listen when you’ve got a minute or two.

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