Love 2 Read? Yes, we do!

This is a post that I’ve been meaning to get up and out there for a little while now, because it’s something I’m incredibly excited about – new friends!!

Although I’ve already mentioned this wonderful new friendship in TBYL News, I want to make sure that everyone knows just how thrilled That Book You Like… is to be partnering with the fantastic folks at the National Year of Reading 2012!

The National Year of Reading is most definitely something I can get behind…

The National Year of Reading 2012 is about children learning to read and keen readers finding new sources of inspiration. It’s about supporting reading initiatives while respecting the oral tradition of storytelling. It’s about helping people discover and rediscover the magic of books. And most of all, it’s about Australians becoming a nation of readers.

And they’ve been doing this throughout 2012, running bookish events, supporting local bookstores and libraries, and most recently, promoting the fabulous Reading Hour.

Wonderfully, there are lots of amazing programs and initiatives aimed at encouraging reading and literacy around Australia, and NYR have made it their mission to make sure that we all know about what’s going on in our own neck of the woods. Make some time to visit their website, to see what they and others are up to at the moment, and of course, like Love2Read on Facebook for daily updates!

There are an amazing number of bookish organisations partnering with NYR, and you can check them out here. Ten points if you spot TBYL!

Now, I know that 2012 is whizzing by us super-quick, but I for one intend on fitting in as much book lovin’ as I can, and the National Year of Reading can help. I can’t wait to do more with them toward the pointy end of 2012.

Have you been involved in any NYR events this year?

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