Just what I needed: Only Sparrows

I’m not sure I can be trusted to write this review in sound mind. You see, Josh Pyke’s music makes me awfully gushy, and I’m listening to his new album as I write about it.

It could get messy…

I’ll try not to get too carried away, but you’ve been warned, I’m a big fan.

I finally got my hands on a copy of Josh Pyke’s new album Only Sparrows (thanks Karen xx) and listened to it for the first time yesterday. It’s been on repeat ever since, and I’ve been prone to wistfulness.

Only Sparrows as an album not too dissimilar from Pyke’s Memories and Dust (2007) and Chimney’s Afire (2008). In saying that, there’s no sense of repetition, the album stand apart. It’s twelve new, delightful tracks, twelve stories, twelve little pieces of poetry.

Track number one, Clovis’ Sons slayed me. The hairs stood up straight on the back of my neck, and I had to stop what I was doing and just listen. It made me breath more slowly, more deeply. Goodness.

No One Wants a Lover, the first single from the album, brought me back to earth a little…a cheerful number, feet-tapping, head-nodding, hand-clapping. It made me thing of pubs and beer and sticky carpets.

Diet of Worms broke my heart, and Punch in the Heart fixed it again. Punch… is especially fetching as it features Katy Steele. Her unique vocals adds a little extra whimsy to an already stunning song.


If I had to pick, I’d say that my favourite track on Only Sparrows would have to be Factory Fires, a colonial tune rich with story and desperation. It’s industrial and romantic, somber and beautiful all at once.

Lastly, to wrap up the album, Love Lies is a love-song lullaby, featuring gentle guitar, and an uniquely Australian tone. A song for summer.

This is quite a special album, and the stories it contains move me. They’re just what I need right now, and I’m fairly sure it’s got lots of listens ahead of it.

What are you listening to this summer?

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