Junk-food for the mind

Commuting is a great chance to zone out for a while, and maybe get a bit of reading done.  Perfect time for a little junk-food for the mind.

In the last two days, I’ve had a quick jet-set up and back to Sydney for work.  The organisation that I work for, PIEF turned 5 years old this year (no small feat for an education foundation) and we celebrated over dinner with the team, the Board and some faithful supporters.

A glass of bubbly and some fine food at L’Aqua in Darling Harbour was, in my opinion a wonderful way to mark the occasion.

On the flights there and back I had a bit of a look around at what people where reading and wasn’t entirely surprised to see that a lot of it was pretty light.  As for myself, I was reading He Died with a Felafel in his Hand which is lots of fun, but not exactly profound. I guess at the end of the day there is no need to try and read a Russian classic or some Shakespearean drama when surrounded by public on mass and loudspeaker announcements.

In saying that, I’ve never been really good with pulp fiction – I’m not very good at picking it or reading it, so now I’m curious.

HELP US OUT?  What was the last light/pulpy/junky read that you had?  Can you give me some suggestions, and let me know if you’d recommend them as worth a look?