Friday Bits and Bobs

We’re starting another Friday and finishing off another week, edging one week closer to Christmas. For my own benefit as much as anyone else’s I thought I’d make today’s blog article a headline post full of bits and bobs. Here’s a few shots of information to get you into the weekend…

Find That Book You Like… Online
Did you know that you can find TBYL all over the internet? I spend a ridiculous amount of time online, and I find that each online space is a wonderful place to connect with people in different ways. Maybe you’d like to join me?

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Of course, you should also bookmark our website as a hub for all these different TBYL goodies, including the online TBYL Store.

Blog Tours

That Book You Like… has a busy couple of weeks with no less than three blog tours on the calendar. On Monday, I’ll be chatting to Sally Harris about her new book Diary of a Penguin-Napper and then later in the week I’ll be catching up with the lovely Kate Cuthbert from Escape Publishing who’ll be telling us a bit more about their exciting new endeavour. After this conversation, I’ll be taking a look at some of Escape Publishing’s newest authors and I might even get to have a chat to some of them. Exciting things happening at Escape, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

New in the TBYL Store

Have you taken a look at our newest editions to the store? My favourites… handmade Book Covers and Lego Earrings. Both are limited edition pieces, handmade with love and beautiful! Shop Now!

New Friends

Hopefully you’ve already checked out Little Birdy Tix after my feature in this month’s TBYL News: All Things Bookish… but if you haven’t make sure you pop on over and visit their website. They’re an amazing membership-based group that will help you to connect with promoters and artists so that you can check out new and exciting performances around Melbourne and Sydney. Best of all, once you’re a paid up member, event tickets are FREE! I’ve got a membership up for grabs as our newsletter give-away this month, so don’t forget to read the newsletter here and get your entry in!

A New Blog

For those of you who are interested in health and fitness, and would be keen to follow along with my current ‘health project’

I’ve started a new blog called Getting Back To Go. I started the blog mainly for my own benefit as a kind of logbook, and as such it’s a lot more personal than TBYL but if you’d like to watch along as I work at getting my fitness back and increase my ‘wellness’ after finishing breast cancer treatments, you’re welcome to have a read.

You’ll find the blog here…

The Reading Pile

Lastly, if you’re looking for any reading ideas for over the summer holidays, there is an absolute stack of great titles on the TBYL Reading Pile at the moment. Can I suggest a browse?

Happy Friday, and enjoy the weekend!

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