Finally sharpened

Much to Evan’s dismay, I was sorting through stationary yesterday, getting things ready for him to start another year at school.  While I was scratching around in the desk draw, I came across my Penguin pencils, a gift from my sister Karen. Bizarrely, I’d not sharpened any of them – they just looked so nice in their orange and beige packet. I couldn’t bring myself to damage them, I suppose it’s the same logic that has people deciding to leave the plastic on ‘the good couch’ so that it doesn’t loose it’s newness.  Uncomfortable, by forever young.

But, a bit like a story, a pencil is hardly a pencil if it doesn’t have a point – so I bit the bullet and started off Great Expectations

They fitted so nicely with my gorgeous 2011 diary, a gift from my friend Tatiana.  Given my ramblings yesterday, I though I might just share…

The diary is by O-Check and it’s wonderful.  It’s lovely to use, earthy to touch and easy to use with it’s spiral binding.

It’s a funny thing too, the front cover is perplexing…making the diary much more interesting than it being just a series of appointments and to-do-lists.

Another Day - Cloudy Memory; at this moment am I drawing to remember or to erase

I’ve done the Kikki.K diary for the past few years, but I’ve got to say I’m very much enjoying a change of scenery.  Just lovely…