Fishing for romance: Catch of the Day

Over summer I’ve been spreading the bookish love, and recruiting a whole bundle of new TBYL guest reviewers. Anne, Stephanie, Carolyn, Jade and Kate have joined the usual crew of TBYL Reviewers in reading some of the wonderful summer books that I’ve had on the reading pile.

Today I’m really pleased to be able to bring you some thoughts from my friend Anne, who’s recently read Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins (Harlequin)…


catch of the dayMaggie Beaumont’s luck is about to change. Sure she’s known for her bad romantic choices – her former boyfriend broke up with her by bringing his new girlfriend home for a visit. And then there was the crush she had on a gorgeous young Irishman – who turned out to be Father Tim, the parish’s new priest. But romantic salvation has arrived in the form of handsome, if surly, fisherman Malone. It turns out there’s a heart of gold underneath his barnacle-clad exterior. Will this catch of the day turn into the dish of a lifetime?”

Set in a small beachside town in Maine, USA, Catch of the Day is an entertaining summer holiday read. We follow a year in the life of Maggie Beaumont, a mid-30’s identical twin who owns and runs the only restaurant in town. Unlike her twin sister, Maggie is single with few pickings in this small town.

That is, until Maggie falls for a handsome, caring man – he’s everything she has ever wanted in a partner, and she tells the whole town about the new guy she has just met. She becomes the town joke however, when they discover that the handsome man she has fallen for is actually the new Priest! We get to follow her hilarious attempts to woo him away from the Church, and empathise with her when things don’t quite go to plan.

The whole town enters into Maggie’s search for love, and she endures a number of blind date’s with a variety of different men (including an 81 year old man).

Standing by her side through all her ups and downs is her faithful and best friend Colonel, her Labrador.

Then Maggie realises that someone she’s known all along, is actually someone she wants to get to know better. Malone is dark, sexy and rough around the edges. He is one of the local fishermen, catching lobster in his boat, known to be hardworking, but from a difficult childhood.  Although he doesn’t say much, Maggie and Malone have a lot of chemistry. However, there are things that Maggie doesn’t know about Malone, and he is not open to answering any questions – she doesn’t even know his first name! Although they spend quite a bit of time together, it is filled with sexual tension, and lots of miscommunication. Unsurprisingly, there are many misunderstandings between them, and they end on bad terms.

I won’t let you in on the ending, but Maggie’s search for love is rewarded.

Throughout the story, there are a lovely themes such as family and friendship, and the importance of accepting each person for who they are. The reader is invited to witness Maggie’s personal growth as she handles rejection, betrayal, separation, and love.

This is a lovely, light, romantic story. Perfect for reading at the beach, on the train, or curled up in front of a fire.


You can find out more about Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins here…

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