Did you hear that Rumble?

It’s that time of week again, where I drag my work-from-home butt into a real-life office and spend the day working alongside flesh and blood human beings.

One of the really good things about doing the trek into town (asides from seeing my work crew) is that it makes going out in the evening a much more realistic proposition.

This week I’ve got tickets to go and see the play The Haunting of Daniel Gartell, starring John Wood, Samuel Johnson and Marcella Russo, showing at Fortyfive Downstairs.

I’m as much looking forward to seeing the venue as I am the play itself, it sounds like quite an interesting space, often used for exhibitions and performances of different types. The play itself seems quite intriguing too, the write-up going a little like this:

Under an ochre sky something happened at Mt. Ragged. The incident inspired celebrated bush poet Daniel Gartrell’s (John Wood) most analysed piece of verse … a poem that’s final verse has never been published. Now an enigma, Gartrell lives as a recluse in the suburbs, his only contact is with his daughter, Sarah (Marcella Russo).

Gartrell is at home, thinking very oblique thoughts when an emerging actor from Bondi, Craig Catevich (Samuel Johnson), knocks on his door. The ambitious and optimistic Castervich has been cast to play Gartrell in a biographical movie, and in his research for the role, is ready for anything …or so he thinks
Words by: Fortyfive Downstairs

I’ll let you know my take on it in the coming days, but if you’d like to check it out for yourself it’s running until 12 June 2011. You can get tickets from Fortyfive Downstairs, and Rushcrowds have a discount offer for tomorrow night’s show, here.

If you’ve got a little listening time, can I suggest that you check out Rumble (Underground). Launched yesterday, Rumble (Underground) is essentially a place to go to find some really interesting stories. Over time, the site will house a collection of podcasts, documenting conversations with interesting people – characters living and creating wonderful things, be that music, stories, art or other.

They’ve launched with two podcasts, well worth a listen. I’ll have a bit more of a chat about these throughout the week, but you can check them out here and here.

Stay tuned, plenty more to come this week!