Bridie’s Choice

Earlier in the week we got a little bit country, and so I thought maybe we’d stay on theme and take a look at what TBYL Reviewer, Tam J thought of her recent read of Bridie’s Choice, by Karly Lane (Allen and Unwin)


Bridie's ChoiceFaced with a choice, Bridie must decide whether to turn her back on her heart or her dreams in order to make the biggest decision of her life…

Bridie Farrell desperately wants to escape her small home town, Tooncanny. She’s also longing to distance herself from her family name, a name whose reputation brings nothing but trouble and struggle. And God knows she has tried, many times, but each time her responsibilities hold her in place making escape seem impossible.

Bridie has lost her mother, her father is in jail and she is now legal guardian to her younger brother – all meaning that they’ll be no escaping Tooncanny, in the short term at least.

Shaun Broderick on the other hand couldn’t be more different to Bridie. From a different world, he comes from a wealthy farming family and in Lane’s story, we see him trying to realise his dream of taking over the management of their prestigious property, Jinjulu. Despite his lofty ambitions, he will first have to struggle against his dictatorial father. It’s going to be a tough fight.

In the tradition of star-crossed lovers, when Bridie and Shaun give in to their attraction to each other it, not surprisingly, it causes a lot of turmoil for them both. Shaun’s family are very unimpressed with their son’s choice of partner – a simple town girl with a bad family name – and they make no secret of their disapproval. Perhaps a predictable reaction, but would they really make him choose between his family property and his new love?

Bridie is facing her own challenges, waiting for her younger brother to finish school and join the army so she can finally be free to leave town and start her own adventure. As such, she cannot afford to get too serious with Shaun, she can’t give up her lifelong dreams in the pursuit of her new love for Shaun. Surely experiencing her dreams need to come first, before she slips in love with someone? Surely she should avoid becoming responsible for someone else when she finally has a chance to put herself first?

Bridie’s Choice is a well researched story set in the outback of Australia with scenes easy to picture and characters easy to relate to. It is full of turmoil, dramatic family drama, well-hidden secrets and of course, romance. It did take me a little while to get into this story, but I found it well worth sticking with. I became really invested in the characters and didn’t want to put the book down – the story and secrets were starting to reveal themselves and I just had to discover them! Karly Lane’s novel is an enjoyable country romance and an easy read. Worth a look…


If you’d like to find out more about Bridie’s Choice, by Karly Lane you can visit the A&U website here.

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