An institution

If you’ve got a few spare minutes, can I suggest that you have a listen to Jon Faine’s radio show from a couple of days ago. Jon was lucky enough to be able to pick the brains of a great man, Alex Morton.

Brian Nankervis, Bjorn Richie Lob, Alex Morton (Samantha Stayner - ABC Local Radio)

Alex is my dear friend Hannah’s Dad, a guy who I’ve been in awe of since I was at High School.  Owner of The Last Record Store in Collingwood, Alex has been working hard to keep the dream alive. It’s fitting that he’d have a few things to say about Independent Record Store Day (Saturday last, 16 April).

You can listen to the show here…

I’m sad to say that The Last Record Store is actually closing it’s doors quite soon, but by the same token, I was happy to hear that this is NOT because of market pressure, economic changes, technology etc…It is just a change of pace for dear Alex and his lovely wife Helen. Good luck guys, and all the best for your next adventure (I hope you catch a big fish.)

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