A new voice and a Man Drought

Of late, I’ve been exploring some different ways to join forces with other bookish people, in order to add new voices to TBYL and as a way of being able to tell you about more and more great books. There are always far more books to talk about than I have time to read and so I wanted to share the reading pile around a little.

As you already know, there’s the team of TBYL Reviewers – a growing group of wonderful readers, and now I’ve also paired up with the lovely Monique from Write Notes Reviews – another fantastic book reviews blog – to share some of our reading experiences.

In short, it’ll mean that from time to time I’ll let her speak for a book here at TBYL and in turn I’ll share the occasional review at Write Notes Reviews. I’m excited as I’m sure you’ll enjoy her reviews as much as I do.

Today, I’m really thrilled to be able to share with you, Monique’s take on Rachael John’s most recent novel Man Drought (Harlequin). I spoke with Rachael last year (read it here) and I was really looking forward to hearing about her most recent story.


Man droughtRachael’s name started popping up last year in the Australian book blogging community with lots of positive reviews about her novel, Jilted. Too busy reading other books, I simply added the book to my mental to-be-read list and picked up another book from my towering pile. When I saw the anticipation leading up to the release of Man Drought, I knew it was time to check out Rachael’s books myself. I’m glad I did; Man Drought made me smile, laugh and sigh (sometimes all at once)…

You can read the full review here…


If you’d like to find out more about Man Drought by Rachael Johns, you can visit the Harlequin website here.

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