White with one: Coffee Encounters

Yesterday afternoon, at about 3pm, I almost had a nap. Problem was, I was sitting at my desk at work. Not really a good look, nodding off in the office…

Once I would have excused myself and shuffled down to the local coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Now though, it’s not that simple. I don’t drink coffee anymore. My name is Mandi, and it’s been over two years since my last cup of coffee…

coffee encountersI’ve come to appreciate a lovely cup of tea, but still come mid afternoon most days I miss my coffee – the smell, the taste, the search for the best bean. And so, when Jonette George and Tyson Hunter’s gorgeous book Coffee Encounters – Adventures to Origin (Smudge) arrived at my home, it was a little bit of sweet relief…

Coffee Encounters will take you on a journey through the most exotic coffee farming regions within Latin America and Indonesia, whilst visiting Italy along the way.

Meet some of the most charismatic, passionate and innovative people in the world, and you will be amazed to learn just how much goes into that little cup of coffee you enjoy each morning. Learn to love your coffee for all the right reasons.

It’s a stunning combination of elements, including captivating profiles of people, visits to farms and regions across the world, and of course, a beautifully clear picture of the bean itself and it’s end product, coffee.

coffee harvestingNo one misses out, from the farmer, the harvester, the trader and the barista, they all have their part to play in bringing this revered beverage to the masses.

“You can grow, source, roast and deliver quality coffee beans, but it’s the barista that oversees the final execution of every cup of speciality coffee. As more and more discerning coffee drinkers learn the journey from crop to cup, more and more are viewing baristas with greater respect, and in turn, the country’s baristas are training more intensely and providing higher quality coffees.”

It’s absolutely fascinating to see the lifecycle of coffee and to learn about the relationship people have to each other in bringing about a really top quality product.

coffee beansPersonally, I was absolutely thrilled to find out more about Australian coffee plantations. I once had a wild dream that I’d like to grow coffee beans in a nice warm corner of the country, but was pretty sure it was near-on impossible. Coffee Encounters does a beautiful job of profiling the clever and passionate people who are ensuring this industry has a place in Australia, overcoming challenging climates and issues of scale tto produce a top quality, local product.

In short, I so pleased to be able to enjoy coffee vicariously though this book, as I add it to my growing collection of Smudge Publishing coffee table books. Well worth a look!

Find out more about this book, and other Smudge titles here…