Which would you choose? Another chance to win…

Thanks so much for your birthday greetings, I can’t believe we’ve hit two years already! Of course, thanks also for the wonderful virtual gifts! TBYL loved all of your ‘presents’ and I’ll particularly treasure my red pillar post box, my brand new reading room and the special clock that stops time to allow for more and more reading!

Today’s chance to enter the TBYL big book give-away is all about taking care of your books! I’m sure, if you’re anything like me you’ve got plenty of books that look a bit like this…

wrecked books

After travelling around with me in bags, on public transport and in coat pockets, many of my most loved books are looking a little worse for wear. That’s where the TBYL Book Covers come into play!

In the TBYL Store now, we’ve a beautiful range of locally handmade book covers for just $22 (plus free delivery) and I’d love for you to take a look.

Happy Thoughts 3

For today’s chance to enter our competition you’ll need to visit The Store (click here) and take a look at our book cover range.

Let us know which design would be your favourite by emailing info@thatbookyoulike.com.au with the subject line BOOK COVERS and let us know why you’d choose that particular design. Don’t forget to include your name and postal address in your email.

And of course, feel free to have a little browse around the TBYL Store while you’re there!

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