What do you believe in?

It’s not something you ask someone every day – “What do you believe in?” – but, when you think about it, it’d probably be one of the most interesting conversations you could have with a person.

A set of beliefs can be as individual as fingerprints, and often quite surprising. To be offered an insight into the beliefs of some of my favourite authors is a rare treat indeed.

That is why I’m so looking forward to my first literary event of 2012, the Wheeler Centre’s Gala 2012: Stories to Believe In.

Eleven authors have been asked to explore belief

…from whichever angle they choose – be it a polemic on their unshakeable commitment to our inalienable rights as humans, a personal account of being in the presence of God, or a tirade on the existence of hobbits.”

The range of guests is impressive; Alice Pung, Elliot Perlman, Bob Franklin… but personally, I’m most exciting about hearing from Kaz Cooke, Andy Griffiths, Carrie Tiffany and Gillian Mears. Gillian Mears of course is the author of Foal’s Bread, a book that I’ve been raving about since last year.
Carrie Tiffany

Carrie Tiffany is the very talented author of Everyman’s Rules to Scientific Living and more recently, Mateship with Birds. I had a chat with Carrie last week, and am looking forward to bringing you a review-interview in the very near future.

There is something very enticing about the possibility of getting inside the hearts and minds of these talented individuals, be it only for a few minutes.

Although the Gala is currently booked out, I have heard that there is a slight possibility of a few extra tickets becoming available tomorrow, so keep an eye on the Wheeler Centre’s website. While you’re there, why not have a browse through their calendar of events – it’s looking fantastic, including an amazing range of personalities, ideas and disciplines. It’s going to be a good year!

Are you going to the Gala? Any other literary outings planned?

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