We do, we: Love all Blogs

This isn’t really going to pass as a proper post tonight, I’m a bit overwhelmed this evening by the size and scope of my ‘getting-back-to-work to-do-list’ and so I’m cutting some corners – at least that way I can tick a few things off the list before bedtime.

Despite my current bamboozlement, I did want to make sure that I made time to let you all know about a great new site that’s worth checking out.

If you like blogs as much as I do, or just like to browse around for something to read on the internet, can I suggest that you pop on over and check out Love All Blogs?

It’s been set up as a bit of a ‘compilation’, a place to find blogs of all types…mummy-bloggers, business-bloggers, book-bloggers and much, much more. You’ll find excerpt and links, and a super blogroll (which I’m looking forward to trawling.)

It really is a perfect way to hook into some really interesting blogs. That Book You Like is there (here) and I’m looking forward to continuing to be involved in this pretty wild, fun-looking community.

Pop on over and have a look around…Love All Blogs.

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