Tickled pink by not so cross buns…

Today saw hot crossed buns replaced by pink buns at Bakers Delight.

Between the 28 April and 18 May 2011 Bakers Delight is participating in The Pink Bun Campaign and will be selling pink buns and pink lady cut-outs with 100% of proceeds going to Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA).

BCNA do amazing work supporting women and their families throughout their diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, with practical and emotion advice and support.  I can personally vouch for the incredible assistance this support offers, for a start I would have been absolutely lost without their My Journey Personal Record.

So if you like sweet buns (giggle…) and worthy causes as much as I do, I’d suggest a quick visit to your local Bakers Delight and enjoy a yummy treat without the guilt.