The Way of the Sword

Well, it’s the end of another couple of weeks of school holidays, and Evan has really enjoyed a bit of down time. It’s really wonderful having him home to hang out with, and I particular love seeing him curled up in the corner of the couch, on a cold winter’s day, devouring one book after another.

I’m finding it quite hard to keep up with his reading at the moment, he gets through books so quickly. He has recently raced through a couple more of the Young Samurai series, which he introduced us to a couple of months back.

He’s kindly put together a review of book 2 in the series, and I’m so pleased to be able to share it with you:

The Way of the Sword, by Chris Bradford
The Way of the Sword is the sequel to the first book The Way of the Warrior in the Young Samurai series and I could not resist reviewing this book seeing how I enjoyed the first book so much.

Just like I said with the first book, this is a book that keeps you reading from start to finish. I recommend this book for kids over 9. On the back cover it does say 11 plus – but I don’t think it’s that bad.

The series is about a boy named Jack Fletcher whose dad was killed by a ninja called Dokugan Ryu in a boarding while they were trying to find Japan in a trading ship called the Alexandra. Jack then gets found by a samurai called Takeshi Masamoto and is trained as a young samurai.

In this book it is Jack’s second year as a samurai in training and he trying to get into an ancient ritual called the Circle of Three which tests the young samurai’s skill, courage and spirit.

But at the same time he is in danger from the Scorpion Gang and their leader Kazuki. Still, this is not his biggest problem – he is now a target of his ninja enemy Dragon Eye.

Getting into the Circle of Three is essential for Jack’s survival and then being able to be taught by the highest-ranking master, Takeshi Masamoto, at his samurai school, so that he can learn the  invincible samurai technique, The Two Heavens.

If Jack does not learn this technique he will be easy prey for his enemies Kazuki and his gang and even more so, Dragon Eye.

I thought this book would be great and I was completely correct! I finished it in a mater of days because whenever I started reading I just couldn’t stop. Whenever I had spare time I was reading and I can promise you I’ll be reading the next one! This book is exiting, scary at times but most of all it’s compelling and it makes you want to buy the next book so you know what happens next. 

Given that he didn’t get his head out of this book until it was finished, I’d say Evan was pretty impressed with this novel. A very good way to keep a kid occupied for a couple of days!

And now I have to let him go back to school for another term. I’ll be counting down ’til the next break…