Tell us a (back)story?

As you already know, at the end of October, Oscar and I are packing our kit and spending the day at Rhymes Kids Music Festival.

Further, hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to have a look at this month’s give-away prize of a family pass (4 tix) to the festival, which will give you a big chance to come along too!

In amongst all this anticipation, I got to thinking…how does a festival like this one come about? What would motivate someone to put on an event like this one?

I’m so glad that they have, it’s a wonderful chance for kids and parents to experience something really special, but I would imagine that it’s a huge job, it’d have to be quite the labour of love.

I had a chance to quiz Tour Director, Adam Coward to find out just what has made this festival tick, and he’s also very kindly given us a few tips and tricks to get us through the day…phew! Thanks!


The most obvious question to start with, how did Rhymes come about? What’s the back-story?
As professionals in marketing and event management, and new parents, we began going to “kids shows” for the first time and began to realise that there were a lot of things we didn’t like:

  • The price for a 1 hour performance was quite high when you added up all of us going along (vs what the kids got out of it)
  • We found that seating just didn’t work and we spent most of our time trying to keep the kids in the seats or off the stairs
  • If we wanted to go with friends, we all had to book at the same time to get seats together, which didn’t suit everyone
  • There didn’t seem to be any room to actually dance.

We thought, there must be a better way, that allows us parents to enjoy the day and of course give our kids something to remember. From here, we started the business – found the venues, brought together the artists, and the rest started to grow from there.

Do you love music festivals yourself? Is that one of the reasons that this great idea has come about?
Absolutely, the larger music festivals are something you kind of give up as a couple once you have kids and as life just gets busier. Studying the acts, setting up the “day out” and all of the other things we loved to do – we wanted to enjoy doing these types of things as a family and have others do the same.

We often say, this is a music festival for adults who have kids just as much as it is a kids festival. The future for us is bringing more mainstream adult acts into the day but with a family focus to keep everyone’s attention spans!

How did the Townsville and Sydney festivals go? What where the highlights?
Townsville was our first outdoor event (as there are no indoor areas big enough to hold us) and in Townsville’s driest month, we some how managed to get rain! It was during Hi-5’s set and what was amazing was watching the crowd who stayed and danced away in the rain in true festival spirit! Before that, Justine Clarke’s was just amazing! With Lucas Proudfoot the surprise crowd favourite playing didgeridoo songs in between acts to keep the kids moving.

Sydney was 90% indoors so, no hassle with rain and the acts again were amazing and we really loved seeing the crowds using the entire space up across the 2 stages and the Springfree Trampoline zone, the Silent Disco and Magic Light show.

It’s a long day for little ones, will there be rest spots for tired bubs and weary grown-ups?

We’ve found it’s us parents that are the ones that have trouble keeping up! So there are plenty of spots for a rest like the cafe, the outdoor picnic tables, or you can even just get a pass out, go and grab your car and go for a quick drive home and come back if need be.

Do you have any tips for this little big day out?

We have a full page of tips at, but our top tips would be:
  • Bring a comfortable Picnic Rug – extremely important so you can easily set down anywhere you like and be comfy
  • Don’t go right up the front – you can get great views from the sides and towards the back with more room to dance (much like any festival)
  • Grab one of our kids ID wristbands where you can put your name and phone number in cast of any lost children
  • Bring some of your own snacks and food along – to keep costs down
  • Pack light – so you don’t have to lug lots of stuff around
  • Be flexible – there’s so many little things you can go and do, so, we suggest not camping down too much so you can experience everything available

Will this be an ongoing event?
Yes – it will be ongoing and we’ll change it up from year to year as it grows to cater for more or less people coming. We really need the big support in the first few years to get it off the ground, so, we’re hoping to see more families get on board leading into these last 30 days.


For more information about this exciting event, check out the Rhymes website here. Also, I’d love for you to enter our give-away, it’s super-easy to go into the running to win free tickets. Entries close 12.10.11.

If you’re in Brisbane, don’t forget to check for the tour’s Brisbane show, 22 January 2012.

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