It’s Burger Time! The Burger Book

It’s always so fascinating when an author shares their passion with readers. Often it’s a passion for art, for travel, for romance or action. For me, it is books (of course), and for other bloggers it might be parenting, or craft or music.

The Burger Book coverFor Ethan Jenkins and Jimmy Hurlston his passion is burgers. Burgers and beer. This culinary coupling is one that he’s chased, studied, and documented on his hunt throughout Victoria.

The Burger Book: Victoria is the latest offering from Smudge Publishing, written by Ethan Jenkins and Jimmy Hurlston and beautifully photographed by Katie Wilton (with wonderful graphic design by Grace West) and it’s just what you might expect – a book about burgers.

Big burgers, small burgers, pub burgers, gourmet burgers, all accompanied by the perfect beer.

Burger Book

Take a look inside The Burger Book: Victoria here…

As is usually the case with Smudge books, this beautifully presented hard-cover book is a combination of recipes, guide maps to the best burgers in town and informative write-ups of venues such as TrunkBeer DeluxeThe Little Ox and The Inkerman Hotel (and many, many more!)

“On a food and culture pilgrimage to New York, Little Ox’s chef, Tim Fetherston, worked at a number of kitchens in New York, one of which was the Lighthouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tim managed to work under Head Chef Nicholas Cox, who spent time teaching him the American way (burgers, ribs, chicken wings, cornbread, you get the gist.) Upon his return, Tim immediately began chatting with the local butcher about mincing premium cuts for a Brooklyn inspired burger…

The upstairs of the Little Ox was formally the office of Tommy Collins Events. Since, Tim has recreated the space into his own veggie garden, which he uses in the cafes, with a space reserved for future Rooftop behives. The Little Ox pretty much acts as a community center for locals. Whether it’s to kick off a morning ritual of coffee before work, a place to meet the kids after school or be ladies who lunch, this burger venue by the bay is bustling with energy.”

I found it fascinated to read about the amount of thought that can go into the creation of a humble burger, consideration that does so much to separate it from it’s mass-produced, homogenised cousins.

The Burger Book: Victoria is another example of just how many amazing venues are on offer in this state, even for those with simpler tastes. No fine dining here, just good, hearty food and drink.

I’m heading off to the launch of this book this afternoon, which promises burger eating, beer drinking and lots of entertainment. I can’t wait to share some happy snaps with you, so stay tuned!

If you’d like to find out more about the book, or purchase a copy for yourself, check it out at Smudge Publishing.


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