steps gallery

Now the year has started

I’ve very much enjoyed the break – as a chance to stay at home, get a bit of reading done, and set up some new and exciting TBYL offerings. Still, I’ll admit that by last week I was ready to get out and about again.

Only now do I feel like the year has really, truly started – the 2012 events have begun.

I’ve had three ‘feasts’ at my house helping me feel good about my new years resolutions. I’ve bought tickets to the Wheeler Centre’s Gala 2012: Stories to Believe In, and also to hear from philosopher and author Alain de Botton next month. And I’ve attended my first art exhibition for the year, and it was stunning.

A dear friend of mine and very talented artist, Lisa Sewards joined forces with the equally exceptional Dave Dando and Kathryn Gribbin to share this gorgeous show; Owl the urban edge.

Their work blended together so seamlessly, so smoothly, it felt as though they’d spent months in a room together deciding what to paint, build and photograph. The combination of huge metal and copper sculptures, lightboxes, and works on paper worked superbly. The gentle prints and drawings contrasted with the imposing sculptures, capturing the often contradictory nature of the owl.

The opening was incredibly well attended, it’s my guess that this will be a really popular show – well worth a visit.

To add to an already wonderful afternoon, Owl the urban edge was introduced by storyteller, Ron Murray who shared the owl creation story – children and adults alike where transfixed by his colourful tale and his traditional music. Oscar was absolutely fascinated, it was the first time he’d ever heard a didgeridoo , and his reaction was priceless.

I was trying to pick a favourite, a piece that particularly stood out, and it’s near-on impossible. I love Lisa’s work, without exception her prints and paintings are moving, gentle, emotive. Dave’s sculpture is truly unique, it is attention grabbing in its skill and its scale. Kathryn’s work goes many steps beyond photography – her compositions are haunting, three-dimensional experiences of the bush. I’ve one of her works in my lounge-room (which I bought from the Pink Lady Art Exhibition in 2010) and it’s fair to say that it’s one of my favourite possessions.

All around, this is a show worth a visit, and pieces worth purchase if you’re on the look out for some original art.

The show runs until February 4th 2012 at Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon Street, Carlton South.

Urban wildlife: Owl, the urban edge

Frighteningly, everyone’s calendar’s seem to have filled up for December already, so I thought I’d skip straight to January.

The weather will be warm, we’ll have recovered from the festivities, and eased nicely into a calmer, quieter, holiday pace. And what better way to enjoy the wonderful month of January than with an art exhibition. Sounds to me to be a very fitting way to start off a brand new year.

A dear friend of mine and very talented artist, Lisa Sewards has joined forces with the equally exceptional Dave Dando and Kathryn Gribbin to bring us their gorgeous show; Owl the urban edge.

I can’t recommend this collection of work highly enough, it’ll be mixed, edgy and earthy. I’ll be there on day one. I’m going to take the kids’ too, especially since owls are an absolute favourite for Oscar. He’s sure to love Ron Murray’s performance at the opening, particularly when he shares the owl creation story.

The exhibition will include huge metal and copper sculptures, lightboxes, and works on paper including fusions of photographs, drawings and printmaking applications. The exhibition is bound to appeal to all art lovers including devotees of this emblematic bird!

The show opens Saturday, January 21st 3-5pm and runs until February 4th 2012 at Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon Street, Carlton South.