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Story Time for TBYL

It’s going to be quiet on the blog over the weekend, because That Book You Life is going ‘real-world’ !!

In a first for TBYL we’re going to be running a Story Time tent, accompanied by a real-life TBYL Store at this weekend’s Pink Lady Art Exhibition!

The exhibition will be held this Saturday and Sunday (10am – 5pm) at the Brighton Arts and Cultural Centre (Wilson & Carpenter Streets, Brighton, VIC, 3186) and the TBYL story reading will start at about 11am on Saturday.

I can’t wait to share some of my favourite books… Ish, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, some Nick Bland and Oliver Jeffers, with some lovely kids.  Hopefully it’ll help keep the little ones occupied while their parent’s enjoy the stunning art on show – it’s going to be a blast!

If you’re in the area I’d LOVE for you to pop by and say hi. You might even be able to pick up a book or two from The TBYL Store – it’s our first real-life set up, and I’d love your support!

The Pink Lady Art Exhibition is a community fund raising, raising money for BCNA and NBCF. It’s a cause close to my heart, and I can’t wait to do my bit in making this event a resounding success!

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Out Now! October TBYL News: All Things Bookish..

It just keeps getting warmer, so I’ve kept TBYL News: All Things Bookish… short and sweet so that it doesn’t keep you from getting outside and enjoying the sunshine!

TBYL News is a great way to catch up on recent reviews, upcoming news and words from my lovely special guests. This month is a pretty-in-pink special, with a huge shout out to the Pink Lady Art Exhibition coming up later this month. I hope you’ll take a look!

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Helping Kids: My Mum Has Breast Cancer

Today’s instalment in our school holiday Helping Kids series is on a topic very close to my heart. The book in question was written by a good friend of mine, and has been put together to help kids work their way through a loved one being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.

My Mum Has Breast Cancer was written by Lisa Sewards after her diagnosis with breast cancer, and has been beautifully illustrated by her son and his grandmother.

It has helped countless families (including my own) deal with the shock of a mother, aunty, grandmother, being diagnosed with breast cancer. It helps in a very real and practical way, and is incredibly touching as a story in itself.

By happy coincidence, My Mum Has Breast Cancer was reviewed this week by Babyology. Not being one to reinvent the wheel, I thought I’d share their review with you today rather than write a brand new one. You can read it here.

As well as being an author and very talented artist, Lisa is the founder of the Pink Lady Art Exhibition. This art show will be running in Brighton, Victoria on 27th and 28th October 2012. I’m involved with this show, it’s inspirational and lots of fun and raises heaps of money for some really important breast cancer organisations. You can check out their website here.

If you’d like to buy a copy of My Mum Has Breast Cancer, they’re available through the TBYL Store. For September and October, 100% of proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly to BCNA (normally, 50%) Shop here for your copy…

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Now the year has started

I’ve very much enjoyed the break – as a chance to stay at home, get a bit of reading done, and set up some new and exciting TBYL offerings. Still, I’ll admit that by last week I was ready to get out and about again.

Only now do I feel like the year has really, truly started – the 2012 events have begun.

I’ve had three ‘feasts’ at my house helping me feel good about my new years resolutions. I’ve bought tickets to the Wheeler Centre’s Gala 2012: Stories to Believe In, and also to hear from philosopher and author Alain de Botton next month. And I’ve attended my first art exhibition for the year, and it was stunning.

A dear friend of mine and very talented artist, Lisa Sewards joined forces with the equally exceptional Dave Dando and Kathryn Gribbin to share this gorgeous show; Owl the urban edge.

Their work blended together so seamlessly, so smoothly, it felt as though they’d spent months in a room together deciding what to paint, build and photograph. The combination of huge metal and copper sculptures, lightboxes, and works on paper worked superbly. The gentle prints and drawings contrasted with the imposing sculptures, capturing the often contradictory nature of the owl.

The opening was incredibly well attended, it’s my guess that this will be a really popular show – well worth a visit.

To add to an already wonderful afternoon, Owl the urban edge was introduced by storyteller, Ron Murray who shared the owl creation story – children and adults alike where transfixed by his colourful tale and his traditional music. Oscar was absolutely fascinated, it was the first time he’d ever heard a didgeridoo , and his reaction was priceless.

I was trying to pick a favourite, a piece that particularly stood out, and it’s near-on impossible. I love Lisa’s work, without exception her prints and paintings are moving, gentle, emotive. Dave’s sculpture is truly unique, it is attention grabbing in its skill and its scale. Kathryn’s work goes many steps beyond photography – her compositions are haunting, three-dimensional experiences of the bush. I’ve one of her works in my lounge-room (which I bought from the Pink Lady Art Exhibition in 2010) and it’s fair to say that it’s one of my favourite possessions.

All around, this is a show worth a visit, and pieces worth purchase if you’re on the look out for some original art.

The show runs until February 4th 2012 at Steps Gallery, 62 Lygon Street, Carlton South.

Pink lady number five

A couple of weeks ago, I had the most incredible day out with the Pink Lady Art Exhibition crew. It was such a special day that I just had to share it with you. Here’s a run down of the amazing meal that I had, and an introduction to the wonderful company that I kept.

Counting our blessing for the wonderful weather, six chatty ladies loaded up into Lisa’s 4wd and headed out to Red Hill. We had a booking for a table at Port Phillip Estate, had heard amazing things, and were all eager to have a taste of a devine wine or two.

On arrival, I was taken aback by the incredibly earthy but modern, sculptural structure that is Port Phillip Estate. The view was breathtaking.

“Surrounded by mounds of native grasses and indigenous spotted gums, the new Port Phillip Estate winery, designed by Wood Marsh Architecture, emerges from the landscape as a dramatic curved sculpture made of rammed-earth.”

On being shown to our seats in the calm, coolness of the dining room, we were tempted in all direction by a succulent three course meal and an incredible wine list. The biggest decision of the day…tasting plate or dessert? Needless to say, I went for dessert.

It was the most amazing meal I’ve had all year…luxurious, but not extravagant, and of the highest quality. The first course, Three Little Pigs was pig done three ways, including blood pudding. Ordinarily I would have passed on such a ‘treat’ but this thin, garnished disc was actually delicious, I’m so glad I was a little bold. My main was a fresh ricotta and spinach-filled ravioli which was truly melt-in-the-mouth. For me, dessert was the highlight – vanilla marshmallow, lemon curd, pistachio crumble; essentially a deconstructed lemon meringue pie. I don’t want to undersell it with this description, it would have been the most devine lemon meringue pie ever, but the difference was made by being able to enjoy it in parts. This meant that I was able to really fully experience all the individual flavours, each one perfect.

The catch-up lunch itself was special, as the weekend marked 12 months before the next Pink Lady Art Exhibition, booked in for the 27th and 28th October 2012. For the past four years, this art show has allowed an opportunity to enjoy a spectacular range of art whilst raising funds to contribute to the work of BCNA and NBCF in their support of breast cancer survivors. The exhibition is now biannual, and the organisers are at this point starting to prepare for next year’s show. It promises to be the best yet, and we all look forward to celebrating the 5th Pink Lady Art Exhibition.

Over lunch we all started hatching plans as to how to make next year’s show bigger and better than ever. I don’t want to give too much away at this early stage, but I will say, it’s not to be missed!

This is an event, and an issue close to my heart, and I’d love it if you would put the date in your diary…we’d love to see you at the show. I’d love it if you would like to join the Pink Lady crew on Facebook or Twitter – it’s a great way to hear about art news and breast cancer awareness activities. Finally, I’d also be wrapt if you would visit the exhibition’s brand-new blog (my new baby) at Pink Lady Art Exhibition: Blog. The blog will be a perfect way to get to know more about the show, the artists and our amazing sponsors. Please pop on by, and stay tuned as activities and news ramps up in the new year.

My Monday: Pink Ribbon Day!

Today is Breast Cancer Day, and as such I thought it would be fitting to make My Monday a little bit pink ribbony!

Over recent years, my family has been affected repeatedly by cancer, in particular breast cancer.

Facing cancer involves a series of challenges you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. The medical, cosmetic and emotional ramifications of both the illness and the treatments are distressing (to say the least), and the ‘journey’ is a long and at times, lonely one.

It is for this reason that I’m so grateful to the organisations that dedicate themselves to the support of breast cancer survivors and their families. These organisations support and inform, as well as provide the financial means for continuing research in to cancer, its causes and its treatments.

Could I please encourage you to check out the wonderful work of:

Breast Cancer Network Australia
The Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) is a national organisation that offers information, treatment, support and care to people affected by breast cancer. They provide opportunities for networking with others going through similar situations, and their newsletters and publications are a great way to stay in touch and up-to-date with what is going on in the world of breast cancer research.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation
The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) funds all forms of research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer. They run lots of fun and informative events which work incredibly well to raise both funds and the profile of breast cancer in our community.

These organisations need your support, and seeing as this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month it seemed like a good time to give them a plug. Please consider donating, if you can, as every dollar helps them continue their important work.

If you’re facing breast cancer, or know someone that is, please don’t overlook the BCNA’s My Journey Kit, and their other resources such as the Hope and Hurdles, for those facing secondary breast cancer. I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t emphasise enough how helpful and reassuring I found the My Journey Kit.

So on this My Monday, I send my love and strength to my darling Mum and big thanks to my family and friends. I look forward to working on the Pink Lady Art Exhibition 2012 next year, to help give a little back, and I hope you might find a little way to get involved in supporting organisations like BCNA and NBCF.

Happy Pink Ribbon Day!

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