new year’s resolutions

TBYL Book Club is up and running!

I’ve rubbed my bleary eyes, shaken off my hangover(s) and come to terms with the fact that 2011 whizzed by too quickly, and another year has started with a bang.

My new family planner is up and running, and I’ve had my first dinner party (Resolution #1). I’ve been busily getting some new items ready for the mini-store, and most excitingly, most importantly, most anticipated-ly (a word? not really) I’ve started to chatter with the wonderful members of TBYL Book Club!

Our brand new online book club officially kicks off this month so I thought it might be a good idea to give a little run down on how it will work.

It’s pretty simple really, just a couple of simple steps and you’ll be connected with lots of bookish people, sharing some excellent novels:

1. The club is run online via our online community, which you can join here…

2. You can use the online community to socialise with other members, leave updates, make friends, send messages. The community is moderated, and it’s a safe place to share your enjoyment of all things bookish.

3. Once you’ve got a TBYL profile, you can join ‘Groups.’ This month’s book club will chat in the group called ‘TBYL Book Club: January 2012‘. You can join the group here..

4. Each month there will be a new book to read. You can borrow the book from the library, from a friend or buy a copy locally. Of course, if you’d prefer you can purchase a copy from the TBYL Mini-Store for fast delivery.

5. In the last week of each month, I’ll post discussion questions in the group – one each day for a week. Hopefully this will generate some really amazing conversation about the book of the month, I know I can’t wait! There’s also a ‘General Discussion‘ thread where you can share your thoughts and reading experiences at any time throughout the month. You’ll find this discussion here…

I’ve caught up with a few people already this month, who have started reading ‘Of a Boy’, and by all accounts it’s having quite an effect on them. It’s an amazing little book, and I can’t wait to hear what other people think of it. By the sounds of it, lots of you are equally excited.

If you have any troubles creating a profile, logging on, or any other questions about the TBYL Book Club, please email me at

It’s a really quick book to read, so it’s not too late to sign up for the January group.

Join the club!
Read the review…

Plus, I’ll be announcing the February book early next week. I really hope you’ll join us!

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With my two hands

It’s New Year’s Eve and the bubbles are chilling. The kids are revved up, and we’re looking forward to catching up with some good friends over the next couple of days.

I’ve been giving some thought to my third, and final new year’s resolution for 2012. After some consideration, I’ve made up my mind. I’ll admit, I think this one will be the hardest to stick too.

My third resolution for 2012: I will set out to make something, with my own two hands, at least once every couple of weeks.

Having rediscovered the joy of writing for writing’s sake, this year I hope to do the same thing with art.

Creating, be it drawing, printing, painting or constructing is one of those things-to-do that so often falls off the end of the to-do-list. It’s not a necessity, so it tends to get laid by the wayside of the average day. But, it is a fabulous way to relax, almost therapeutic and therefore worthy of a little time and attention.

Keep an eye out, I might share a few things here and there. But, more likely what I come up with will be just for me, and more often for the sake of the process much more than the sake of the product.

That’s my big three, wish me luck? I reckon if I get even half-way there on these three new year’s wishes, I’ll have a pretty sweet year.

A huge thanks to everyone for reading That Book You Like this year. Every time you visit I smile, and your comments make me feel connected to a most amazing, wide-reaching community of bookish people. Watch out for big things from TBYL in 2012. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m going to be pushing the envelope and trying some new things (i.e. The Book Club, The Mini-Store) and I’d love for you to get involved. I will of course keep reading and reviewing with abandon.

Again, thank-you and a Happy New Year to you all!

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Move it baby…

My second resolution is a little unoriginal, but not before time.

As many of you know, my body has been through the ringer a bit over the last couple of years. A combination of B.C., chemo and numerous trips into surgery have slowed the old blood and bones down considerably.

At this point in time I’m feeling like my feet are rooted to ground and that I’m aged well beyond my years. And so…

My second resolution for 2012: I will endeavour to move my body more. I’ll move it daily, with vigour and commitment. 

I will do this gently but whole-heartly, and for the express purpose of feeling my blood pump strongly through my body and to feel my muscles strengthen. I look forward to reconnecting with my body…having it work with me instead of against me.

So, if you see me walking around, looking a little bit of a goose in my neglected old exercise gear, please feel free to give me a smile and a wave. I’ll need the encouragement!

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Serial resolution

I’m feeling a little cocky this year, coming up to New Year’s Eve. I’m not usually one to go in for New Year’s Resolutions, but having had some success with my resolutions for 2011, I’m thinking I might push the envelope for 2012.

You see, going into 2011 I committed to do a few things; I promised I’d try to read more widely, I promised I’d write more for pleasure, and probably most importantly, I promised myself I’d learn to take risks.

Hence, That Book You Like was born, and I’ve had one of the most entertaining and rewarding years of my life.

And so, as New Year’s Eve approaches I’ve set my mind to identifying three big-ticket items that I’ll work towards achieving this year. I’ll share the first of these today…

Today’s resolution has been inspired by the Christmas gluttony I’ve been enjoying this week, tables ladened with food, drink and sweet, sweet treats. More food than can be eaten in one sitting, being shared with the finest company. Friends (new and old) and family (near and far) catching up over seafood and meats, salads, roast vegies and wine, cider and beer and sparkling soft drinks.

My first resolution for 2012: I will endeavour to share a feastish meal with friends and/or family at least once a month.

For the fun of the catch-up, for the joy of the food I’m looking forward to a dinner party or twelve in the new year.

Do you make resolutions? What have you got in mind for 2012?

Stay tuned for my second resolution, tomorrow…

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