You know, that type of song…

Yesterday I was sitting on the train, minding my own business when I noticed that I had my eyes closed.

I wasn’t napping, although I could probably have done with a little kip after a long day at the office. Rather, I was listening to my ipod and had almost forgotten where I was (only a little bit embarrassing on a crowded train.)  I had my music on shuffle, and Joni Mitchell’s Case of You was in my ears.  Without even realising it, my mood had changed. All of a sudden I was feeling much happier, or perhaps more accurately, more content.

It got me to thinking, what is it about those special songs that make the heart hum a little, that make the mind slow, and that seem almost impossible to listen to without shutting your eyes?

So here’s a few tracks that have that particularly effect on me.  I’d love for you to let me know which songs do this for you…

Firstly, I’ve got to mention Case of You, by Joni Mitchell. Joni in general tends to make me feel very cruisey, but this song more than most.

The original Beatles track is pretty wonderful, but I think Sarah McLachlan’s cover of Blackbird is particularly lovely.

Next up I’ll include Fire and Rain, by James Taylor. A little daggy maybe, but this song always makes me think of a dear little River Phoenix.

And lastly is The Lighthouse Song, by Josh Pyke. I remember when I first heard this song, listening to the radio on the way to work. It hadn’t finished by the time I reached the office, so I walked around the block so that I could hear it through to the end. I was late for work.

So which songs make you hum a little, make the hairs standup on the back of your neck, give you goosebumps?

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