Bitey: The Night Has Claws

Over the last couple of years I’ve read a lot of books that would not have crossed my desk in the past. Not the least of these has been an incredible collection of young adult fiction.

The strength of the genre was yet to be established when I was a teen, and as I grew older I became a bit fixed on the classics. As a result I come with pretty fresh eyes to the world of YA adult writing and am particularly fascinated by the fact that writers and readers just can’t seem to get enough of paranormal adventures!

The night has clawsI’ve read quite a few vampire stories (e.g. Julie Kagawa) and a few zombie novels (e.g. Showalter) but today’s book has been my first werewolf tale!

The Night Has Claws, by Kat Kruger (Fierce Ink) is the second book in the Magdeburg Trilogy, following on from The Night Has Teeth and has us tied up in the unlikely troubles of Connor and Arden…

Connor Lewis and Arden LaTène are experiencing a reversal of fortunes. Arden, once a prominent werewolf, has been cured against his will. As a result, he’s now considered dead by his former pack and has lost his longtime girlfriend in the mix. Connor, a newly created werewolf whose DNA has inadvertently led to the creation of the cure, now has to make some important decisions about his future and is not sure who to trust. Should he join a pack or try to go it alone? 

It’s a struggle of brains, brawn and conscience as Connor is forced to choose sides. His confliction is palpable; should he help the scientists who have developed a cure, who can allow him to return to the human race, or should he fight for his new pack, fellow wolf-kind?

And of course, his decision is made all the harder by his interest in a girl…

When Connor is summoned by the Hounds of God to testify against the human scientist who developed the cure, he’s forced to choose sides. Comprised of humans bitten by werewolves, the Hounds have been the lawmakers and enforcers for hundreds of years, ensuring werewolves don’t endanger the lives of humans and exacting justice upon those who do. On the other hand, the pack werewolves have been persecuted for centuries and are seeking to tip the balance of power. Adding to his confusion is Madison Dallaire, the girl Connor has complicated feelings for, who has embarked on a path of corporate espionage.

I really enjoyed this book – it was fast-paced, lots of action, but intelligent too. I really liked Connor, and felt for him as he battled both his inner and outer demons.

You can find out more about The Night Has Claws and Kat’s first book The Night Has Teeth on the Fierce Ink website here. Read more about the work, and buy a copy for yourself.

In the meantime, I’m really pleased to be able to give-away one e-copy of The Night Has Claws to one lucky reader. All you need to do is to email with the subject line CLAWS and tell us what kind of paranormal creature you’d most like to be!

Entries are open until 10 October 2013 after which I’ll draw a winner at random. The winner will be notified by email. Please note, to enter this competition, you must live in Australia, Canada or the UK.

Good luck!