She’s one funny mummy

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered over the last twelve months, it’s that mums are funny. Mummy bloggers and column writers are incredibly good at making us laugh at the grottier side of life, tickling us until we giggle (like a maniac) at poo and wee and vomit, at nappies and snotty noses. They’re so willing to share their misadventures at the supermarket, in the school yard, on the parents’ online forum, that they can’t help but make us feel just a little bit better about our funny old day-to-day lives.

Allison Rushby’s e-book, Die Yummy Mummy Die does exactly that. The writer invites us to consider the lighter side of parenthood – how we make memories with our kids, the miracle that is double-length toilet paper and the mysterious ‘need to feed’ phenomenon.

The book itself is (mostly) a compilation of Allison’s weekly column ‘Desperate Housewife,’ originally published in Queensland’s Courier-Mail. It reads very much like a series of blog posts, which makes it a great pick-up/put-down kind of book. Being an e-book living on my Ipad it was available whenever I needed it. As such, I enjoyed reading it while I was waiting… for doctor’s appointments, for kinder pick-ups, for buses and trains. I could pick it up, read a column and leave off with a chuckle and a sigh, eager for the next five minute block so that I could read the next column.

As you might expect, Die Yummy Mummy Die is largely about the ‘joys’ of motherhood. Allison’s writing is irreverant and entertaining, and despite its firmly tongue-in-cheek title, it is very generous towards mothers of all persuasions, be they ‘yummy’ or otherwise. Personally, I particularly enjoyed ‘Ode to Double-Length’, ‘My Life in Numbers’ and ‘Pet Peeves’. I could most definitely relate to ‘Evil Appliances,’ and I applauded her honest bravery when it came to dogs and dolphins.

If you enjoy mummy-bloggers, you’ll love this book. You can pick up a copy on Amazon, or you can check it out on Allison’s website. While you’re visiting her site, you might want to have  a little look-see at her numerous young adult titles.

And of course, don’t forget that you can win a copy of Die Yummy Mummy Die in this month’s give-away (entries close 15.11.11). You’ll find full details here…enter today, it’s super-easy and I’d love to hear your funny stories!

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