Solving a problem the Jeffers way: Stuck

One of the things that I love most about my Oscar is that he is very silly. He’s a laugh a minute, crazy as a cut snake, never have I met a kid so entertaining…

So it’s no surprise to me that he and I both loved the latest book to be added to The TBYL Store, Oliver Jeffer’s Stuck (HarperCollins).

This book is a laugh-out-loud joy! Even as I re-read it on my own this morning, I find myself giggling away like a loon:

It all began when Floyd got  his kite stuck in a tree…

The trouble really began when he threw a shoe up to knock the kite loose, and that got stuck too, followed by a ladder, a bucket of paint, the kitchen sink…

And so on and so forth until dear silly Floyd finds himself dealing with one very over-crowded tree.

The story itself is quite reminiscent of that poor old lady who swallowed a fly, but it’s so much funnier. The illustrations are engaging, bright and slightly whimsical, the text is wonderfully kid-friendly, and the story is fantastic to read out loud (as all good kids books should be!)

My favourite part of the story? It’s would have to be when Floyd’s recruits his cat to ‘help’…

“Cats get stuck in trees all the time, but this was GETTING RIDICULOUS.”

Floyd’s ‘unique’ approach to problem-solving is entertaining to say the least, and Oliver Jeffers‘ brand of story-telling is irreverent, child-like and one-of-a-kind, as you might well expect from an Australian-born, Irishman living in New York. You can find out a little more about Jeffers’ in this article from last weekend’s The Age (thanks for sharing, Thuy).

As well as Stuck, I’m looking forward to adding Oliver’s newest title The New Jumper to the collection next month. In the meantime, I’d guess that Stuck will be on high rotation in our house.

Do your kids have a favourite book at the moment?

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