Operation Pre-emptive Strike

I’ve got another little hospital trip scheduled for tomorrow morning, and perhaps not surprisingly, the only things that I’ve packed so far are my books. I’ve chosen two to take with me; If You’re Reading This I’m Already Dead and Turquoise both of which should entertain me nicely for the couple of days that I’ll be expected to bunker down at the hospital.

When I get home though, my full reading pile will be moved from my office to the lounge room and set up next to the couch where I’ll have built a little nest, and where I’ll stay cozy, resting and reading for a couple of weeks.

Thank goodness for books…

Some of you might know my breast cancer backstory, and this latest  health interruption is another ‘pre-emptive strike’, a precaution only. It’s recently come to light that ovarian cancer is a bit of issue in the family, and as such, well lets just say I’m taking measures. Better to be safe than sorry.

Anyway, I don’t want to over-share, but I did want to give you all the heads up that you’ll either be hearing a little less from me for a couple of weeks, or lots more. Which way it goes will depend on how spritely I’m feeling. Rest assured, at the very least I’ll be loitering around the edges of the internet until I’m back up and running, and of course I’ll catch you all next Monday, over at the TBYL Book Club. Our conversations about The Help kick off next week, and I can’t wait to hear from a whole bunch of new bookish friends.

Here’s to being back on deck as quick as a shot!

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