My first read-along

Although my reading pile is already incredible, as you’ve probably worked out by now I’m a sucker for a new idea and that’s what finds me taking part in the blogger read-along of My Hundred Lovers, by Susan Johnson (Allen and Unwin).

I just couldn’t resist the read-along idea or the book itself. The book is lusty and powerful:

“A woman, on the eve of her fiftieth birthday, reflects on one hundred moments from a lifetime’s sensual adventures. After the love, hatred and despair is done with, the great and trivial acts of her bodily life reveal an imperfect, yet whole self.”

The read-along, hosted by Bree of All The Books I Can Read is a fantastic idea as well. Myself, and bunch of other lovely bloggers will be reading a block of the novel each week for the month of June, and catching up on set dates to chat about what we think. I’ll post links for you once we start our conversations.

I’m about six chapters in, and I can say I am transfixed. The novel is far more ‘erotic’ than my normal read, and I’m loving that… nothing better than being challenged by an author to go somewhere you’ve not been before.

Once I’ve finished, I’ll be sure to review it in full but in the mean time keep an eye on Bree’s blog to find out more about this intriguing novel.


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