Letting off some steam

I was kind of surprised when Evan’s teachers decided that they were up to the challenge of taking a big group of ten and eleven year olds toCircus Oz – Steam Powered last week, but they’re a brave lot and took it on. It was the first time this year that the kids have been on an evening excursion, and of course the kids were all abuzz about being allowed out so late on a school night. Under fab supervision, they excitedly made their way to Birrarung Marr to hang out under the big top.

It’s been many years since I’ve been to the circus, but the thought of it always makes me feel a little flurry of excitement. One of my most vivid childhood memories is of being taken to the Great Moscow Circus in Launceston, an amazingly big deal for a small town Tassie girl.

As such, I would have quite enjoyed going to see the show myself, especially as I quite like the whole ‘steampunk’ theming that Circus Oz have gone with this tour, but I was pleased that Evan got to have a fun night out with his mates. I did pick his brain though, and he’s given me a bit of a run down on how it was…

What was the best thing about the performance?
The hilarity! I loved how they made it serious and exciting, but still hilarious to watch. My favourtite act was Fantasia Fitness, it was really funny how she kept falling over, saying that she meant to do it, and then doing sit-ups and push-ups [nothing like a bit of classic slap-stick, hey?].

Was it scary?
I got a bit nervous for the people doing the tricks, but it wasn’t really scary.

What were the costumes like?
They seemed a bit olden-days, they looked like the kind of the clothes that people wore lots of years ago, especially the hats.

What kind of acts did they have?
They had lots of different acts – juggling, lots of acrobats, a giant see-saw, some really weird magic acts, and a bike that kept falling apart.

Who do you think would enjoy the show?
An entire range of people, from young to old. There were lots of families there (including a Grandma who had pink hair) and they all seemed to have lots of fun.

Photo: Circus Oz


You can check out their promo video here, it’s pretty cool.

Circus Oz – Steam Powered is in Melbourne until July 17, and then moves on to tour Australia. You can find all the dates and details here.


On Evan’s recommendation, it sounds like a pretty good fun night out.

When was the last time you went to the circus?