June give-away: What do you love?

As you might have gathered by now, I’m quite keen on sharing the things I love. For me, there’s nothing quite like having a bit of a chatter about a book I love, an artist I’m into, or a play I’ve really enjoyed – hence my funny, mixed-up little blog.

But now it’s your turn! I would very much like to hear about your favourite things, and I’ll make it worth your while.

To go into the running to win this month’s give-away, all you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment on this post, or

2. Visit That Book You Like‘s Facebook page

…and tell us about one of your favourite things! Pics and links are great too, and I’d love you to tell us why it’s such a fav.

The winner of this month’s competition (selected at random) will receive one of my most recent favourite things…a 365 Diary, from Kikki K. You can find out why I love these diaries so much here, but the bestest reason of all is that they can be started at any time of any year – you’ve gotta love it!

Looking forward to seeing what you’re all loving at the moment! Entries close Thursday, 16 June 2011.

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