Judge a book?

I’ve taken a look at my diary and my to do list, and I’ve worked out I’ve about 15 minutes to blog. That’s not long enough for a book review, but it is enough time for a quick pic post. So, I’m timing myself, here goes…

Here’s my top five favourite book covers, and a little of the why.

I’m showing my age here, but this was one of my first favourite book covers, Z for Zachariah, by Robert O’Brien. As a young teen, this illustration gave me shivers (still does, in fact) and this book started my love affair with the post-apolyptic genre.

Next up is the cover of Still Life With Woodpecker, by Tom Robbins. Although Jitterbug Perfume is my favourite Robbins novel, this is my favourite of his covers. It’s almost like a little code-breaker for the story too. Love it!

Crazy is as crazy does, and in my opinion the cover of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, by Hunter S. Thompson sums up perfectly the crazy trip waiting for any reader brave enough to go along for the ride.

I don’t usually go in for ‘movie version’ covers, but for some reason this edition of The Colour Purple, by Alice Walker still works for me. Maybe it’s because I so enjoyed the movie as much as I enjoyed the novel. Whatever the reason, I love this cover.

Lastly, one of my most recent favourites. I know I’ve talked a lot about this book already but this cover was for me, the first sign that I would really love The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. This illustration is hauntingly beautiful, as is the novel.

That’s my top five. This week. I reserve the right to change my mind by next week, but for now, these are the ones I love.

Do you have a favourite book cover? Do you judge a book by it’s cover?

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