Galanti – a perfect finish to a perfect day

We found a wonderful new restaurant in Highett last night, a lovely trattoria and bar called Galanti. Well worth sharing…

Before I start, to be fair, you should know that we were in a very good mood when we arrived. It had been the most incredible day, with Evan’s basketball team winning their grand final and Evan scoring MVP for the game. Matt is their coach, so it’s fair to say that the whole family was pretty over the moon. I was so proud of Evan, for all his hard work and so pleased that Matt had had such fun helping this great group of boys to leave the court with a winner’s trophy.

The win was followed by a team lunch, noisy and celebratory, after which I needed a little sit-down. After I caught my breath, I thought it only fitting that we took Evan out to celebrate his win. But where to go?? We racked our brains… an old faithful? Somewhere new? Junky or fine dining? I’ll admit we’d still not quite decided where we were going when we piled into the car.

Then Matt threw out a wild card – how about this new little place, Galanti’s that he’d seen being renovated in Spring Road, Highett? An unlikely spot for a restaurant, but it had looked impressive from outside…

We drove a few minutes around the corner, and parked outside the Italian eatery. It looked good, but I still wasn’t quite sure so I got out of the car and had a look for a menu in the window. No menu, but they were playing Coldplay, and the waitress gave me a smile. I was was convinced.

We were greeted warmly and shown to a cosy booth in the corner. The kids were made really welcome, always a good start when dining with small ones and Oscar was thrilled to be given his own menu to peruse.

The service was friendly, prompt and careful. The menu offered a wonderful range of authentic Italian fare, including a nice selection of kids meals. We indulged in entree, mains and dessert, wine and coffee and we were all extremely satisfied with each course. Matt raved about the prawns, Evan asked for more pasta, and I loved, loved, loved the tiramisu. It’s rare that everyone at the table is equally happy with their meal, but in this case even Oscar finished off a whole plate of meatballs (no small feat, as seen here.)

The restaurant itself is spacious, and set-up beautifully. No detail has been overlooked, and as such you feel that real pride has been taken in this family establishment. There is even a little private dining booth, perfect for parties and cosy dates, a nice touch.

You can find Galanti at 23 Spring Road, Highett (just around the corner off Highett Road). Their phone number is 03 9553 1573, if you want to chat to them about a table. Pop on by, I’m sure they’d love to see you.

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