E-Readers: Giving in to the dark side

I get asked the question a lot; books or e-books?

Now of course, those of you who have been to my house (or seen the many gratuitous bookshelf photos in TBYL) will not be surprised to hear that I have a strong preference for paper books. I love them as objects as much as stories. I buy books like others might buy shoes.


But, and there is a but, I don’t think it’s an either/or situation. Although I miss the tactile act of reading when I don’t have a physical book, I do love the convenience (indeed, the reassurance) that as long as I have my iPhone/iPad/Kindle with me, I’ll have something to read.

There’s a immediacy too, which I like. Whether it’s because I’ve decided at last minute to read a book club book the night before the meeting or that I want to cram the book before I see the movie the next day – being able to pop online and make an on-the-spot purchase has its benefits.

So, having decided that e-books are not the root of all evil, one has to decide what to read them on, and that’s where today’s book comes in…

e-reader-digestAlicia Freile’s guide E-Reader Digest (Wilkinson Publishing) catalogues and compares a range of e-readers currently on the market. Perfect for both technophobes and seasoned gadget users, the guide stacks devices up against each other; dedicated e-readers and tablets; big and small devices; cheap buys and pricier items.

Her comparisons are based in simple criterion such as functions, ease of use, price etc. The guide is comprehensive and unbiased.

Helpfully, E-Reader Digest also includes some really clear information about how to use e-books and readers, as well as information about where you can buy and borrow e-books from.

It’s a well put together guide, clear and colourful. Really affordable too, at just $11.99. It’s a pretty clever investiment before you start shopping for the e-reader that will suit you.

You can find out more about E-Reader Digest here…

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