Does this make me a grown up?

I’m posting this nice and early today, as I won’t have time to post anything tonight and I want to brag about what I’ve got coming up this evening. I’d also like to tempt you a little.

I’ve got a day in the office, putting a little time into the day job after a pretty long break away. It’ll be nice to catch up with the crew, and to have some uninterrupted time to get some web work done.

But that’s not the highlight.

Tonight, I’m going to my very first proper opera and I’m pretty sure that makes me a grown-up. At the very least I must be proper cultured, yeah?!

My friend @fionak and I are having a gals night out at the Malthouse Theatre, to see How to Kill Your Husband. The show is based on Kathy Lette’s novel of the same name and is presented by Victorian Opera. It is said to be full of wit and irreverence.


If you’re keen for a last minute night out, Rushcrowds has half-price tickets available here… This makes for a very affordable evening out, a chance to enjoy both culture and giggles.