Curses and Blessing for All Occasions

I’m sure we’ve all worked out by now that there’s a dark, seedy underbelly of this beast we call the internet, filled with strange people who take obscene pleasure in stirring up trouble and strife.

We know about it, but it’s still a bit of a mystery to most, how best to deal with this breed of odd people, but I think I might have hit upon a solution – Bradley Trevor Grieve’s Curses and Blessings for All Occasions (Allen and Unwin)…

“May you lose an earring in a piggery.”.

“May you be the receipent of a sweaty man hug.”.

“May reality television dissolve the boundary between your psyche and your rational self.”.

But, of course, there are also those wonderful people who are intelligent, rational and just plan delightful. They, in constrast, deserve all the blessings in the world. Maybe something like this might do the job…

“May your incisors be parsley resistant.”.

“May your neighbour’s rooster have a sore throat.”.

“May your libido exceed that of a thousand unwashed goats.”.

…to show how much you care.

I’m sure you’d agree that Greive’s newest offering is not only entertaining and humourous, but also extremely helpful.

Bradley Trevor Greive is of course most famous for his Blue Day Book, a well-thumbed copy of which sat for years on my parent’s coffee table. He’s clearly moved to new territory with this book though, as alluded to by his good friend John Cleese…

“I have a great admiration for the way my good friend BTG has amassed vast piles of cash putting saccharine comments under photos of cute-looking animals. But now he has suddenly written something which is both witty and interesting. I suspect it will disappoint his usual readership.”.

I must suggest that you buy a copy of Curses and Blessings for All Occasions, as a handbook, an arsenal, a gift.

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