Arts, plus books…

As you know, I love art and, to state the obvious, I love books. But rarely do the two come together quite like this…

Last week, I attended the opening of a unique and intimate art exhibition called Ex Libris, on now at the Firestation Print Studio in Malvern:

“Ex Libris” or bookplates are decorative seals inserted within the opening pages of a book to celebrate possession.

“Ex Libris” is a Latin term meaning “from the books”. Bookplates first came into use in 15th century Germany after the invention of the printing press. The prestige associated with “Ex Libris” saw them spread throughout Europe to the United States of America and later Australia… Text by Carmen Roche

If this exhibition is anything to judge by, I think the practice of bookplates should see a resurgence!

The show consists of a collection of printed bookplates, skilfully curated by Trudy Rice and produced by Australian artists, and all inspired by a book of their own choice.

Artist: Carmel O’Connor

It showcases both the art of print-making, and the beauty of the book as an object.

Artist: Lisa Sewards

The space itself is worth a visit. An old firehouse, the Firestation Print Studio is a fantastic facility…

Plus I was able to take home some of the work, in the form of reproduced, sticker bookplates. Perfect for keeping track of my favourite books, particularly those that are often borrowed by friends.

Each set of bookplates sells for $20, and all funds go to supporting this amazing community-run art studio.

Ex Libris runs until the 2 September, and for full details visit the Firestation Print Studio’s website.

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