An interesting answer

Well, I’m still laid up in hospital.  I am at least feeling quite a bit better, and I can see straight again, now that the meds are little less frequent and at a much lower dose.

As I mentioned in my last post, I don’t think I would survive hospital nights with my sanity if it weren’t for my podcasts.  I wanted to share one with you that I have listened to a couple of times this week.  It’s by Kate Grenville, and it’s quite insightful.

As an Arts student, I was asked many times – why? What are you going to use Arts for?  I have in fact asked myself that question numerous times, about art, reading, and writing. I’ve never had any doubt as to their value, but I was keen to try and quantify just why they were important.

Kate’s lecture on Artists, Writers and Climate Change for ABC’s Big Ideas goes some way to respond to the question, and I think she really nicely highlights (somewhat scientifically) why art and the like is so important to our well-being and to our future.

I’ve popped a link to the vid and the podcast above, and I’d really recommend that you give it a listen.  Feel free to share your thoughts.

And now for a little lie down…