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Finding the balance between reading and writing is always a bit of a challenge, albeit a challenge I love!

But, it does get a little tricky, as some month’s I get asked to look at so many wonderful books and my reading pile goes a bit crazy. And that’s why I thought I’d do a little outsourcing, so that I can bring you even more reviews each week.

Rest assured, our lovely new reviewers are beautifully bookish, and will be wonderfully equipped to give you the heads up on what’s good on the shelves at the moment.

And in saying that, I’m really please to introduced you to Tam J., who’s recently read That Thing Called Love (Harlequin) by Susan Anderson.

Here’s her thoughts on this newly released tale of romance…


If it’s a romance you are after, then this is the book for you. That Thing Called Love is an easy read, a real page-turner, once you become invested in the characters and their stories.

The novel begins with Austin, a thirteen-year-old boy who’s grandparents have died only months apart from each other. This leaves the boy heartbroken and worried, his grandparents became his guardians when his young father, Jake, deserting him when he was only a matter of weeks old.

After his loss, Austin finds himself in the care of Jenny, who has been like a sister to him since a very young age. This though, would seem to be a temporary arrangement, as Austin and Jenny find out when the estate lawyer informs them that Jake will be contacted to inform him of the new custody details of his son.

To complicate the situation, Jenny dislikes the deserting Jake, and the deep contempt she holds him is only made worse for the fact that it takes Austin’s father two months before he actually come to see his son after the deaths of his grandparents.

However, as the story develops we find out why Jake has taken so long to arrive in the small summer town of Razor Bay. It also becomes clear that he intends to get to know his son, with the intention of taking Austin from his hometown to return with him to New York. Jenny, who adores Austin as much as if he had been her own son, struggles not only with the thought of losing Austin, but also with her unexpected attraction to the very handsome Jake.

This book explores several different relationships. Susan Andersen conveys the teenager boy’s voice well, both in terms of how he needs his father and also in his own coming of age, especially as he meets Bailey, his best friend’s cousin, quickly developing a crush on her.

We discover that Jake has a sad history that has let in demons which encourage him to not hold anyone too dear and has made him believe that there is no such thing as love. To start with, I thought that I would not be able to like Jake seeing as he had not faced up to his responsibilities, but Susan writes this character well and I’ll admit, I ended up falling in love with him.

We are introduced to Jake’s half brother Max, and this in turn explains some of the history that has always made Jake run.  Also the relationship between Jake and his estranged son is well developed and really shows just how much Austin has been craving to know his father.

But, maybe no relationship is explored more than the one between Jake and Jenny.

This story is full of sexual tension and does end up quite descriptive, so perhaps not a book for those faint at heart. However, Jenny is a tough female lead character, she is petite and painted as a normal girl, not the knock-out of the town, and this only made me like her more. I  liked that she had spunk, she was not a push-over, she fought for what she thought was right, while saying and doing exactly what she meant to do, rather than a character that frustrates you with her regret and fumbling!

Razor Bay, the small tourist town in which this book is set is easy to develop a vivid picture in your mind, the characters are easy to relate with and the story is one that I enjoyed and found hard to put down. As far as chick-lit goes I enjoyed this book and would like to read more books about this Razor Bay family.


You might have a chance to read more of these stories Tam, as I’ve heard that this is just the first in a series of tales of Razor Bay!

I’m looking forward to hearing more about what Tam J. is reading! Thanks hun.

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