A matrimonial treat

My friend and colleague Joan very kindly shared this poem with me and gave me the okay to share it with you guys.  The poem, written by a friend is a really lovely wedding gift to Joan and her fiancé Michael.


A sleepy morning star quietly awakes to lemon stripes of dawn
The hush of distracted dreams rest on the present silent breeze
Each has a special way – born in Echuca and Dundonald
From distant horizons they meld today under a past Celtic gaze.
In Mathoura the sky is plumed with perfect cirrus chevrons
And a canvas is ready to seep in a flood of ideas and desires
Their pallet is willing with a roulette of welcome vibrant colour
The brush sings on a promise of what the land could bring.
Symbolic golden rings bind strong the essence of their family circle
A private gallery etched in the embracing suede landscape.
In time the brilliant canvas will be painted with ribbons of wheat
Sheep in ochre fields – artistic twists unravelling as time permits.
With dreams that burst from this first diamond night star
Together they create a bright tomorrow from their two yesterdays.

On its way…
Stay tuned for a bit of a blurb on kid’s film, Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga’Hoole, and in a day or so, for the more grown-up and shabby of us, a quick chat about the rememberings of share-housing.